Digital transformation tool.
Rapidly evolving digital landscape is forcing businesses to shift to new business strategies that leverage new ways of delivering -services, quick access to -resources, and new opportunities for developers. We offer corporate clients a powerful tool for digital transformation and instant implementation of a hybrid cloud due to modularity, simplicity, unification and scalability, ensuring the full integration of all elements of the IT infrastructure into the cloud and rapid migration of client software platforms and information systems. The cloud platform is designed and developed in accordance with the principles of building corporate systems (open standards and technologies, unification, compatibility, scalability, integration, reliability, simplicity).







 IT infrastructure automation.

When automating information systems, the question often arises about the reliability and security of the central part of the system. We solve these problems by automatically deploying proven products and solutions that ensure the stability, performance, and compatibility of your IT systems.

AccentOS provides Client administrators with:
- management tools (deployment, function automation, order self-service, monitoring, backup, access);
- high availability (self-healing in case of an accident, restoration of the control system, migration of data);

- tools for efficient operation (self-diagnostics, detailed logging, high-quality documentation, multilingual interface);

- development and technical support of products (compliance with the requirements for industrial development, operability and integration with other products).





 Desktop virtualization.
AccentOS provides opportunities for virtualization of application servers and workstations (AWP) of the Client. Popular hypervisors (KVM, ESXi, Xen, Virtuozzo, Hyper-V) and container virtualization systems (LXC, LXD and Docker) can be used for virtualization. AccentOS TRS is provided to Customer as a standalone, zero-deployment module that provides all cloud platform functionality for Customer's virtual desktops. Accent OS provides the following options for desktop virtualization:

- Authentication in OpenLDAP, MS AD or your own database;
- Support for two-factor authentication in the domain;
- Assigning IP addresses to users and virtual machines;
- Ensuring the required number of pre-launched machines;
- Delivery of desktops and applications.