About us

Our General Strategy

- Cloud platform for enterprise

- Turnkey appliance with private cloud

- All IaaS common services and reach

- All PaaS common services

- VDI complete solution

- X86, RISC and ARM CPUs, OpenSource

- Automation of deploying and self provisioning

Mission statement - Fast and high-quality Business Process Automation

To automate processes, Micord uses its own Web BPM development platform that gives our clients important advanrages.

Full automation - from the simplest to the most complex business processes and technological processes of companies

Our platform is based on Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) 2.0 notation., which allows you to quickly, easily, clearly simulate the scheme of the business process of any complex and nested problem.

Comprehensive set of visual components provides possibility to move development by business analysts

Thanks to the concept of BPMN 2.0. Our tool allows you to decompose and turn - detail complex processes into the simplest individual processes, consisting of a single action, while maintaining the logic of the whole process.

The use of generally accepted standard BPMN for process automation

During development of WebBPM Studio platform, BPMN 2.0 notation was taken as the basis of the design tool for automated business process schemes. Because it is the most flexible and simple standard for business process modeling. Flexibility is achieved through a set of elements and notation rules. Business process diagrams modeled in BPMN notation are clear to the client. This allows a simple, constructive dialogue within the automated business processes with the client. BPMN notation plays the role of a link between business analysts, technical developers, and managers.

Fast automation

Our platform allows you to automate simple business processes in a few hours or days. This is achieved through a wide library of components, convenient tools, a large knowledge base for working in the studio, and a simple approach to developing web applications.

Software development by business analysts

Our platform allows you to develop web applications by business analyst (without any programming skills). In order to automate business processes, it is enough to understand the principles of building business process diagrams in BPMN 2.0 notation.


On our projects we work in small distributed teams in order to quickly and on-time implement the requirements of the client.

- Rapid system deployment by automating deployment to the cloud or to customer resources

- End-to-end systems management and monitoring services

- Implementation of business processes by business analysts, without involving programmers.

- A rich set of components, integration tools to implement the functionality and user interface of applications

- Database optimization in parallel with the development of business processes

- Ability to work on different platforms

- Training of the client on the developed system

Reporting, data analysis, convenient representation, visualization and integration.

 Due to a large library of standard components, our platform allows:

Embed handlers in business process diagrams that allow you to integrate and interact with communication servers. For example, MS Exchange, which allows you to send various notifications and letters to the mail and calendar of users and employees of the client.

- Integrate with your existing domain control system. For example, Active Directory, which allows you to maintain an identical list of users in your organization.

- At any step of the business process diagram to integrate into the process the existing systems of the client using the API.

- Import and export, process, represent, analyze, visualize data. Use OLAP cubes for data analysis.

- To create the report format (doc, docx, xls, xlsx, pdf) of any complexity using constructors, such as JasperReports or Saiku.

Modernization of processes on the fly without stopping the system

The engine of our platform during the development and operation of the application allows you to make changes to existing business processes. For example, to configure the routing, to add a new action, a new screen form, components to configure the existing design, the logic.

Web and mobile clients (users)

The application, which is developed on our platform, allows you to connect and work through a web browser on your personal computer (PC), or through a mobile device in IOS and Android operating systems

Automated system deployment with Chef

Our platform can be deployed on customers ' physical resources or in the cloud.

Deployment in the cloud is fast. This is useful for short-term projects and allows you to scale.

Deployment on physical infrastructure takes more time than in the cloud. It is important for the customer from the point of view of reproducibility of the process and recovery in case of accidents.


The system supports distribution and load balancing on clusters of servers, allowing you to easily horizontally scale in the case of the implementation of large systems.

Information security

Security is achieved by using Webguard, as a solution to protect against unauthorized access and use of personal data stored and processed by the web application. Also, security can be provided using a separate security base, authorization and authentication through the Unified Identification and Authentication System (ECIA).