Automation of IT infrastructure

Automation of IT infrastructureWhen automating information systems, Customers have a question about the reliability and security of the Central part of the system. We solve these issues through automated deployment of proven products and solutions that provide stability, performance, compatibility of used it services and systems.

Deployment of the customer's IT infrastructure

At the stage of deployment of information systems in the traditional way there is many inconsistencies and errors that may not occur immediately. This leads to delays in implementation, unstable work at the first stage. We offer our Customers automatic deployment of systems using automation scripts developed, in particular Chef. This allows you to get a stable reproducible result in a guaranteed time and avoid errors during operation. 

Development of automation scripts for Chef

ChefExperience in developing automation scripts for Chef allows us to provide such services as separate projects. Typical automation projects are

- automation of application software development processes,

- deployment of complex information systems,

- deployment of network and it infrastructure of Clients,

- automation of monitoring processes

- automation of system recovery after accidents.

Deploy to the cloud as a tenant

Deploy to the cloud as a tenantDeployment of information systems can take place on the physical resources of customers or in the cloud of the operator.

In the case of virtual services deployment (or virtual API), we provide automation services depending on the cloud on which the client's resources are located. We have experience in deployment automation of information systems on Amazon, Azure, Google and other clouds. The benefits of deploying the systems in the cloud are:

  • Use of resources exactly as needed,
  • Increase consumption as it grows,
  • Speed of deployment of resources,
  • SEO re-seller review and clustering systems,
  • Short recovery time in case of accidents.

cyber security

Information security

Information security requirements often include requirements for confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information. We offer our Customers a set of proven solutions for physical infrastructure and the cloud, in particular:

Privacy. It is provided by means of traffic protection by means of the checked SSL, TLS technologies. Authentication is performed by means of LDAP or Kerberos services. Data and file protection can be provided by means of applications, DBMS, operating systems, for example, LUKS.

Data integrity. For applications, it is provided by means of electronic digital signature, checksums, redundancy of data storage within operating systems, for example, data replication.

Availability. It provides a wide range of tools at all levels of information systems. We offer our customers to work together on the most critical services that may be required to ensure the availability of systems. These include client network infrastructure, clustering and balancing of information services components, geo-protection, protection against network attacks, virus protection, data storage and recovery, event logging system, monitoring system of all components, automated recovery system in case of accidents.

Solution support

supportSupport of the implemented systems is provided in the most convenient ways for the Client:

- We provide our clients with full support of the implemented information systems with strict reporting and availability for audit of the performed actions from Clients

- We train the client's administrators on the operation rules of the systems we use and provide assistance on the third line of support, including system upgrades

- We completely transfer the implemented system to the client's administrators including the description of its operation and its settings for fully Autonomous operation of the Client

Providing BPM from the cloud

Providing BPM from the cloudFor Customers who want to get acquainted, to test the information system before deciding on its implementation, it is necessary to have a place where it can be done. This also applies to systems that are needed only for a short time.

For information systems serving front office for the client, it is convenient to place WEB resources of information systems on the operator's sites or in demilitarized zones

When implementing new systems in companies, there are many organizational and technical difficulties – the lack of resources, administrators for the allocation, configuration, support of the allocated area, organization of access for the administration of the system from the outside. These delays testing for a long time and leads to inefficient use of customer resources.

In this regard, the need to deploy information resources and systems in the cloud has increased dramatically in recent years.

We provide such services to deploy our and third-party products to the cloud for testing our products.

The deployment takes place with the help of the services of automatic deployment of systems developed by us.