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Cloud platform AccentOS®.

Cloud platform AccentOS® designed in accordance with the principles of building corporate systems (open standards and technologies, unification, compatibility, scalability, integration, reliability, simplicity) develops software components of OpenStack (virtualization, security, management) and other companies to provide platform functionality and create their own software modules (IT infrastructure virtualization, desktop virtualization, virtualization of finished platforms and applications).



AccentOS® provides Clients: 

• IaaS services for private and hybrid cloud;

• Virtualization services workstations TRS (RSServer);

• High speed data storage services;

• Monitoring, access, backup services.

AccentOS® provides administrators of the Client:

• management tools (deployment, automation of functions, order self-service, monitoring, backup, access);

• high availability (self-healing during an accident, restoration of the control system, migration of VMs and data);

• resource optimization (computing resources, load balancing, software product licenses);

• effective exploitation tools (self-diagnosis, detailed logging, quality documentation, multilingual interface);

• development and technical support of products (compliance with the requirements for industrial development and software support, operability and integration with other products and operating systems).

AccentOS® provides the customer free choice:

• architecture (distribution, availability, performance, security);

• virtualization technologies (KVM, XEN, Hyper-V, Docker, LXC ...);

• hardware (network, storage, server platform, CPU x86, ARM, Elbrus, Power);

• operating systems (CentOS 8, Debian 10, Astra Linux, Basalt, guest Windows OS).

AccentOS® included in the registry of Russian software and provides protection for the private cloud in accordance with the requirements of Russian Federation law. Registration number is 166420, registration date is 20/01/2020. The entry in the register No. 6416 dated 04/07/2020 was made on the basis of the order of the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation No. 162 dated 04/07/2020.

 Cost of licenses for the use of AccentOS® is determined on contractual basis.





Addition hybrid cloud support: Amazon,, Yandex Cloud, Azure.  
Development of an environment for automatic monitoring of infrastructure health, based on the indicators of "Health" and "Load".


AccentOS TRS  


Adding dynamic user allocation. 

Adding Burst Connect mode to speed up user connectivity to TRS. 

AccentOS FirstBoot                                             

Alt Linux SP9 support. 

Multi deploy support for managing the deployment and upgrade of multiple platforms from a single auto installation server. 

Support for automated services migration from third-party virtualization systems: VMware vSphere, VMware vCentre, Microsoft Hyper-V, oVirt, Openstack, Xen Cloud Platform. 

AccentOS IoT                                                                     

Adding integration with an external user database to eliminate personal data at the IoT infrastructure level. 

Adding new widgets with support for feedback from infrastructure devices. 

AccentOS RSсlient

Publication a mobile version of the RSclient on local MDM mirrors
AccentOS RemoteApp Support for automatic scaling of application publishing and delivery tools based on workload.