New version of the AccentOS 2.0 software platform has been released.

AccentOS 2.0 includes new ways of working, such as AccentOS RemoteApp, which provides application delivery for VDI mode.

Application delivery allows the customer:

  • to create more flexible configurations of user workstations, combining local work of users with office applications, mail, video conferencing, multimedia, and delivery of centralized corporate applications that require attestation and a high level of security;
  • to save resources in the data center and significantly increase the density of computing resources;
  • to improve the responsiveness of delivered applications;
  • provide the usual natural mode of work with local applications;
  • to ensure the autonomy of users in the event of a sudden network outage when working with local applications;
  • to reduce latency when working with delivered and local applications;
  • to reduce the load on communication channels.


AccentOS 2.0 version includes the ability to proactively monitor the health of modules, services, platform services and their auto-recovery in case of detection of their incorrect operation.

This service will work with AccentOS platform modules and OpenStack modules used in the platform since version 1.11.

At the same time, platform versions 1.XX will continue to remain fully functional even without the auto-recovery module.

AccentOS 2.0 version supports the new Astra Linux Special Edition 1.7 operating system based on Debian 10 with kernel version 5.10.


This OS has successfully passed a set of tests in the system of certification of information security facilities of the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEC) of Russia according to the first, highest, level of trust. The product fully complies with the most stringent criteria set forth in the "Information Security Requirements Establishing Levels of Trust in Technical Information Security and Information Technology Security Tools", as well as in the "Information Security Requirements for Operating Systems" and in the "Operating Systems Security Profile". systems of type A of the first class of protection. IT.OS.A1.PZ. The solution can be used in IT systems that process any information of limited access, including state secrets of "special importance" - this is evidenced by the certificate of conformity No. 2557, reissued on 10/07/2021. Another key point: the reissued certificate states that the product has the functions of a database management system and a virtualization environment. This additionally confirms the correctness of the use of built-in virtualization tools and DBMS in secure systems, as well as the implementation of protection measures. More details on the official website of Astra Linux.


These features make it possible to use a single distribution kit in the AccentOS platform instead of several system releases, which is especially important when using guest OS for application servers, virtual desktops (VDI) and application delivery. Depending on their needs, the customer can choose the basic, enhanced or maximum mode of operation of information security tools at different levels of the platform.


AccentOS 2.0 will initially be made available to customers through the company's authorized partners and will be shipped and supported alongside 1.XX.