TK software for integration with TRS (terminal remote service)

AccentOS offers Clients a complete solution for providing remote access from the automated workplace (AWP) based on personal computers, thin clients, mobile devices, with operating systems Windows, Linux, MacOS, mobile operating systems.

AWP TRS supports operating systems Alt 8 SP and Astra Linux SE 1.6 certified by Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEC) of Russia.

AWP TRS client supports x86 and ARM architecture processors.

AWP TRS client provides various desktop settings so that users are as conveniently and customary as possible with menu tabs, typical applications.


AWP TRS supports running Windows applications in WINe mode operated by Linux.

AWP TRS supports "layered" images of operating systems, which allows for fast installation of applications, including Windows applications.

This feature allows the customer to use a less expensive Linux-based platform while maintaining the functionality of existing Windows applications.

AccentOS TRS recommends using the VNCm terminal protocol for PCs with Linux or Windows** operating system as a terminal protocol, which has the following unique characteristics:

  • Forwarding USB devices for Linux operating systems with a new kernel or using the usbredirhost library;
  • Forwarding flash drives;
  • Mounting a remote folder on a virtual desktop;
  • Forwarding tokens and smart cards;
  • Forwarding microphone and sound devices;
  • Forwarding print services;
  • Broadcast live video for any application.

AccentOS recommends using an agent of the TK Control system on AWP, which provides: 

  • Remote management of AWP and remote user support;
  • Inventory of hardware and installed applications;
  • Remote updating of a workstation image with desktop applications.

VNCm provides:

  • Minimum computing load on the workstation and virtual desktop servers compared to RDP, xFreeRDP, NX and VNC;
  • Significantly smaller traffic size due to an efficient caching algorithm and a powerful compression algorithm adapted for transferring desktop images; 
  • Continuous broadcast video and sound.