Desktop virtualization -
AccentOS TRS

AccentOS provides opportunities for virtualization of application servers and automated workplaces (AWP) of the Client. Popular hypervisors (KVM, ESXi, Xen, Virtuozzo, Hyper-V) and container virtualization systems (LXC, LXD and Docker) can be used for virtualization.

AccentOS TRS provided to the Client as a separate module with zero deployment time, which provides all the functions of the cloud platform for virtual desktops of the client:

  • Management of virtual and physical computing resources;
  • Network infrastructure management;
  • Storage management;
  • Management of users, user groups and projects in various domains;
  • Provision of high availability of physical servers and instances;
  • Change of instances settings at runtime;
  • Live migration of instances;
  • Cloud hosts load balancing.


AccentOS provides the following features for desktop virtualization:

  • Authentication in OpenLDAP domain, MS AD or own database;
  • Support for tokens and cryptographic information protection during authentication in the domain;
  • Assigning IP addresses to users and instances;
  • Providing the required number of pre-running instances of each profile;
  • Delivery of desktops and applications;
  • Support for "golden images" for each user group;
  • Management of golden images and application layers;
  • Instances status monitoring;
  • System event logging;
  • Desktops management system integrated with TRS broker;
  • Remote support for user workstations.


AccentOS provides instant launch of virtual desktops due to:

  • Caching of "golden images" on local SSD disks of computing nodes;
  • Storage of “deltas” of virtual desktop operating systems on local SSD disks of computing nodes;
  • Mounting user profiles stored on network resources using a single catalog service;
  • Mounting user folders stored on network resources using the single directory service.


AccentOS provides TRS client providing:

  • Support for terminal clients RDP, xFreeRDP, VNC, NX, VNCm for operating systems Windows, Linux, MacOS*;
  • Support for access via WEB for mobile devices;
  • Convenient user interface configuration for integration with various terminal clients.

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AccentOS has an integrated module for managing the hierarchy of  “golden images” built-in the administrator’s console, which provides:

  • Creating images for various operating systems;
  • Create application layers and maintain an application layer library;
  • Support  Windows application layers for Linux  to run in a WINE environment;
  • Instant installation of applications in the image.

AccentOS can be provided to the client as part of a comprehensive solution to protect the virtualization environment for personal data information systems, government information systems, critical infrastructure in terms of protecting the virtualization environment in accordance with the security requirements imposed by Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEC) for personal data information systems, government information systems and critical information infrastructure, in accordance with the orders 17, 21, 239 of FSTEC.