OpenStack Software Components in AccentOS


AccentOS provides interoperability with various virtualization technologies (hypervisors) such as KVM, VMware, Xen, Virtuozzo, as well as with Hyper-V and operating system container virtualization systems such as LXC, LXD and Docker. AccentOS also allows to manage configurations in BareMetal mode.

In addition, AccentOS provides virtualization capabilities for network functions and storage systems.



AccentOS provides reliable tools for managing cloud, classic, and hybrid Data Centers resources:

  • Management of virtual and physical computing resources;
  • Network infrastructure management;
  • Storage management;
  • Management of users, user groups and projects in various domains;
  • Monitoring and backup management;
  • Manage pending and repetition tasks.


Reliability, high availability and reservation:

AccentOS provides automatic servers backup features. Power control of infrastructure nodes by means of several channels - IPMI, AMT, SNMP, or at the level of the hypervisor operating system using the SSH protocol. The system ensures high availability features at the hypervisor level, providing:

  • Host state management based on data from agents on nodes;
  • System maintenance scheduling and task automation.

The system provides instances-level high availability features:

  • Recovery of instances in automatic mode;
  • Integration with monitoring systems;
  • Schedulling actions on the instances.

The system supports for instances:

  • live migration,
  • migration,
  • automatic evacuation,
  • mirroring virtual volumes to multiple physical LUNs, including within different storage systems, in the case of using StorageSpace. 

AccentOS provides support for the automatic turning on reserve nodes in place of nodes that fail.

The system provides functions of:

  • Management hypervisor boot images and normalization CPU models for compatibility;
  • Decommissioning computing nodes with live migration of instances;
  • Smart monitoring of the hypervisors state (heartbeat using shared storage systems);
  • Management of platform nodes in accordance with the schedule.


Monitoring and logging:

modules registr

AccentOS provides administrators with tools for monitoring the load on the virtual infrastructure in real time, as well as centralized storage of event logs with reference to specific infrastructure objects - instances, users, domains, projects and others.

One of the functions of AccentOS is the provision of the function of registering events inside the instance at the platform level:

  • Determining user activity of guest virtual machines;
  • Registration of time logon \ logoff user in a guest operating system;
  • Reception of messages from antivirus systems;
  • Tracing of the license usage.


Security and access:modules protect

AccentOS provides compatibility with certified OS Astra Linux, Basalt and other superimposed means for the implementation of all information security measures to protect the virtualization environment in accordance with the orders of Federal Service for Technical and Export Control for personal data information systems, government information systems and critical information infrastructure.

AccentOS may be delivered ready for certification, including all pre-installed and pre-configured means of protecting the virtualization environment (and network, if necessary) so that customers can immediately start working with a secure cloud.

AccentOS included in the registry of russian software and provides protection for the private cloud in accordance with the requirements of Russian Federation law. Registration number - 6416.