Principles of corporate systems building


The priority for AccentOS is to apply products (including commercial ones) that use open standards and technologies, such as: 

  • Standards and Protocols - Ethernet, iSCSI, iSer, RDMA, FC;
  • Modern processors - x86, ARM, Power 7;
  • New distributions Linux - CentOS 8, RHEL 8, Debian 10, Astra Linux, Basalt;
  • Any kind of hypervisors – KVM, Xen, Hyper-V, Virtuozzo;
  • Newest OpenStack Train, Ceph Nautilus, Python 3.6, Ansible;
  • OpenSource products for IaaS - Zabbix, ELK, BareOS, Prometheus;
  • Russian certified products for providing information security.

It allows to reduce the dependence of customers on proprietary solutions, to ensure easy integration with new products, significantly reduce the cost of acquisition, subsequent modernization and support.

AccentOS computing platform is based on the same type of modules. These are the servers of Huawei, Intel, Supermicro, Bulat, providing unification and scalability, leaving the Client the freedom to choose a supplier and abidance by company technical policy. 

Client only needs to allocate 2HU in a rack for the AccentOS server module and 12 Ethernet ports for launching a corporate cloud. Backing up and storing images requires a separate administrator workplace (AWP).

Cloud management system, OpenStack components, AccentOS modules, monitoring services are launched in containers on servers that provide computing resources.

This platform is quite powerful and can easily be expanded by simply adding an unlimited number of modules.

Using open standards allows AccentOS to ensure full compatibility and integration with Russian Linux operating systems makers and third-party products to provide basic IaaS services:

  • Zabbix monitoring system and others;
  • Logging system ELK;
  • Remote access system OpenVPN;
  • Authentication services Samba, MS AD, OpenLDAP;
  • Backup system BareOS, Bacula and others. 
General cloud architecture

schem principles


The minimum number of components used in AccentOS allows to make the system simple and reliable at the stages of development, implementation, certification, maintenance, expansion and updating. A small number of elements reduces the number of connections and possible malfunctions, simplifies testing.

AccentOS commercial development is based on global best practices. All development processes are clearly defined, quality control is carried out at each stage, comprehensive automation of production is provided. High-quality documentation, a well-designed technical support service, automatic installation and configuration of products, a self-diagnosis utility and detailed logging are designed to increase efficiency of operating.

AccentOS included in the registry of russian software and provides protection for the private cloud in accordance with the requirements of Russian Federation law. Registration number - 6416.